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Are you considering adding a major appliance, an addition, garage or pole barn?

If you're in need of wiring up some new outlets or switches, we will analyze your electrical needs and make recommendations based off your aspirations. We will also make helpful recommendations to try to ensure that your needs are as "future-proofed" as can be.

Does your home contain aluminum wiring?

May seem like an odd quesiton - right? Here's why it's important. Homes with aluminum wiring are 55 times more likely to have “fire hazard conditions” than homes wired with copper (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). Be sure to have an inspector that is a professional inspect the electrical wiring. A professional electrican can inspect the wiring and advise if a complete re-wire is in order or if the terminals just need to be replaced. The reason the latter is an option is because the biggest cause for concern with aluminum wire tends to be the wires actually terminate at the terminals (switches, outlets, panel, etc.) These can be made safer by adding copper lengths to the ends of the aluminum wiring with a special type of tool and connector.

Here are some differeint wiring projects we can help you address

  • Adding a major appliance
  • Reallocating breaker runs and routes to the electrical panel.
  • Replacing/upgrading your electrical panel
  • Running power to a new out-building, garage, pool, etc.
  • Adding a generator interface hook-up

Are you considering using a handyman to repair or replace your electrical wiring or doing it yourself?

Wiring may seem simple in concept but is complex in reality. Electricity is dangerous and can easily be fatal. You do not want someone who is YouTube trained working on your home or business' electrical panel. Incorrectly installed components can lead to fire, or electrocution. This can result in your appliances being destroyed and needlessly putting you and your family's lives in danger. You need a trained, certified electrician to ensure the job is done right for either residential or commercial applications.

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