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Building Process

Building Process Details

There are 3 steps to the building process when it comes to new construction and electrical.

Step 1

Temp Power & Conduit

Temporary electrical panel is installed. Then the local electrical power company connects power to the panel. Conduit is installed as needed. If you have overhead power, a power pole may be installed at this time. After this is completed an inspection is required.

Step 2

Rough-In Wiring

The rough in process can only begin after the walls are framed, bare floors and the roof is on. Sheetrock is NOT installed. Electrical wiring prep work is started. Circuits between electrical box and walls. Housings for future fixtures. Inspection is required.

Step 3

Trim Fixture Install

Building process that need to be completed: HVAC/ Plumbing/ Sheetrock/ Tile/ Countertops. When completed electricians install fixtures, receptacles, paddle fans, lights, switches and covers. This stage could take several days depending on the size of your home and the equipment installed. Final inspection required.